Hair Removal

Hair Removal is a personal and intimate choice.

Rest assured, at Fabulash Faces, we will use only the best hair removal products and techniques while keeping your service professional and as discreet as possible. Your comfort and satisfaction are our main objectives.

Lip, Chin or Brow Clean Up$12

Choose 1 for the listed price.

Removing hair that doesn't belong there is what we do!
Eyebrow Clean Up is for cleaning away stray hairs and upkeep if you are a regular client. For eyebrow styling and 1st time clients, please book an Eyebrow Styling appointment.

Eyebrow Styling$18

The eyes are the windows to the soul and the brows are the window dressing.

We expertly style your brows to achieve the most flattering look for your face. Let us help you look your best!


Do not be alarmed! We only remove those pesky nose hairs wiggling out - we do NOT go up into the nasal cavity.


Lift those arms in confidence! No stubble, fly-aways or skin shadow from shaving.