Acne Treatment FAQ

What Makes Us Different?

As your personal Acne Specialist, we will help you clear your acne in a customized, week by week protocol. We will analyze your skin to determine what specific type of acne you have, then we will make sure we provide you with the products at the proper potency to clear your skin. If the products are too weak they will not work or if they are too strong your skin may become dry and irritated. We guide you through a procedure that will improve your skin a 12-16 week timeframe. The Face Reality program provides you with strong products and a customized approach that will not over dry your skin, and the in-office treatments speed up the process.

Can I use this system if I’m pregnant?

Yes! Pregnancy can wreak havoc on a woman’s skin and many times women believe there is nothing they can do about it during this magical time in their lives. The Face Reality products are potent but also natural so they are safe to use even while pregnant or breast-feeding. Please feel free to show your doctor the ingredient list of your home care items for added peace of mind.

What happens after I get clear? Am I cured?

It depends on you! Our after-care plan (Graduate Plan) is designed to keep your acne away, so if you continue following the program we have designed specifically for you and come in for regular maintenance your skin will stay clear. If you go back to using pore-clogging ingredients or no longer taking care of your skin, the acne will, unfortunately, return. There is no cure for acne, only ways to manage it.

What are the treatments like?

We begin with thoroughly cleansing your skin, exfoliating with enzymes and fruit acids, extractions will be performed, and we will restore vital nutrients back into your skin to treat inflammation and calm the skin. During your treatments we monitor the progress your skin is making and adjust your treatment and home care as necessary to keep challenging the skin so that it never gets immune to products. Similar to an exercise routine, you always have to keep changing it up so you do not plateau, the same thing happens with your skin so we continue to make adjustments to promote clearing.

Does my diet affect my skin?

Absolutely. Acne is an inherited condition but can be greatly affected by your diet. We will discuss your diet, products you are using at home and any lifestyle and outside influences that may be contributing to your acne. Many times there are vitamins and minerals that we will suggest to reduce oil production and calm inflammation.

Why do certain acne products work for some people but not for me?

There are many forms of acne, and many contributors, influence and triggers. Each person’s acne is individual to their specific circumstances, hormones and influences. That is why a customized plan is the only way to assure getting you clear. As a matter of fact, using the wrong products can actually make breakouts worse.

How are we different than dermatologists?

Dermatologists are doctors who typically prescribe a “one size fits all” approach of oral antibiotics, topical prescription creams such as Retin-A (which contains pore clogging inactive ingredients), Benzyl Peroxide and topical antibiotics. This approach to acne, more often than not, ends up disappointing the client and the doctor will then prescribe a new and different bout of medications and then another until nothing is working. This is where Accutane (isotretinoin) comes in as a powerful, aggressive last ditch effort. Sadly, these prescriptions do not cure acne and they likely cause health damaging side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, liver damage, depression and many more.

What about ProActiv?

ProActiv is a popular skin care line that has been praised by the mass market, however, the products are so strong that they usually cause dryness, redness, itching and an initial “purging” breakout. After time your skin will adjust to this harsh treatment and will stop responding, causing a plateau type effect. It is important to continue to challenge your skin to get clear by adjusting the products and treatments while not causing dryness, redness or itching. ProActiv usually helps people get clear for a short period of time, but the results are never long term. We are here to get you clear, permanently.

How are we different than day spas and traditional estheticians?

While all estheticians are licensed skin care professionals, that does not automatically make one an Acne Specialist. It takes specialized continuing education and training outside of a basic Esthetician license program to learn how to effectively work with acne-prone skin. All Face Reality products contain non pore clogging ingredients and are sold by certified acne specialists to ensure you are getting the best treatment to clear your skin.